• Use this site if you want to list your availability to share a lift from your college to your home town.
  • Don’t offer to give people lifts to somewhere other than your home town.
  • This site is targeted at students going home to Vote Yes.  That means that the vast majority of people who’ll use this site support repeal.  Please bear this in mind.


Don’t offer or accept lifts from or to people you don’t know or don’t trust. Full stop.  Don’t chance it.

Make sure there’s plenty of time to get home and to a polling station.  Make arrangements so that you’ll be travelling in daylight, and well within the speed limits.

On arrival

Take photos of the person’s ID and the person and send it to a friend.  Tell them when you’re leaving and where you’re going.  Tell them you’ll contact them when you arrive home, and do so.  This applies to both the driver and any other passengers. Make it clear that you’ll be doing this in line with the advice on this site.

  • Don’t get in to the car if the person seems agitated or their vehicle seems to you to be in any way unsafe.  Tell them sorry, but that you’ll make your own way to vote.  They’ll have read this site as well.


  • Talk about anything but the referendum!  You’re both going home to vote, so you’ve both made your minds up.
  • Actually, try not to talk about religion or politics either.  These can weird people out and some people will be voting in this referendum despite rather than because of their other beliefs
  • Be clean and fresh when you arrive – it’s summer time, and generally our fellow students can’t afford air-conditioning in cars.
  • Bring (or be prepared to provide) snacks, if you’re the passenger.  The driver is doing you an awesome good turn by giving you a lift – a bag of sweets and a bottle of soda makes a nice gesture.
  • Remember that the driver isn’t a professional driver and isn’t supposed to be paid for the great service s/he is providing.  That said, it’d be nice to offer to pay for some of the fuel
  • The driver gets to set the play list.  But some nice drivers might let you choose a few tracks, wink wink.

Safety en route

Drive safely and don’t break the speed limit. Getting home is more important than getting somewhere fast.

Don’t show off your great driving skills – you’re already impressive for offering to be a VoterMotor

Passengers – don’t interrupt the driver during difficult or complex bits of the drive – if in heavy traffic or major junctions – hold that thought!

If you feel unsafe at any time,  ask the driver to stop and prepare to leave the car.  If you’re the driver, if you feel unsafe with your passenger at any time, you can have them leave your car.

Now you’ve read the safety briefing, post your lift